The World of Comanchero

This is the introduction to the vast world of the Free Range Provisions Co. Western shirt…. The Comanchero. The Comanchero is not just a shirt, or a title. It is a way of life. In the middle of the seventeenth century, right when the American civil war was in full rage, the last of the Native Americans still roamed the land. At the time there were very little reservations they were able to reside in, so many still lived in ways of old. They hunted and fished for provisions and sustenance. They lived in small tribes where everyone knew each other and only mingled with each other. They were ultimate enemy of the western lifestyle. They hated western government and worst of all, they hated the western cowboy. Here’s the thing, cowboys needed huge amounts of land in order to successfully work the land. They needed cattle to graze correctly, and needed crops to grow in uncountable numbers of acres. Naturally the Native Americans did not agree with land that the westerners took control of. There was battles, bloodshed, and many deaths, but among all the hate, the blood shed and all the death, there was one specific type of cowboy that was able to look past it all and make peace with the natives. Nicknamed Comancheros, they were cowboys that looked past the conflict and were able to trade with the natives, they traded provisions, Intel, and goods. Only the best in the west and the bravest were given the title of COMANCHERO