Here at Free Range, we believe that beauty is in the details. We want to make the Free Range experience as best as we can. From our tees that are hand printed to our signature free matches that come along with every single package to our packaging, which is the first thing you see after receiving an order from us. We like our packing designs to represent what we are interested in at the time. Time has come to change our design and recently we have been engrossed by late 19th and early 20th century hunting style. We have been inspired by brands from the past like Abercrombie and Fitch Co. (1800s) Winchester guns (1900s) and Banana Republic.(1800s)  They carry an energy that is unparalleled even to this day. An energy of early exploration and expedition, a ruggedness, and traditional style that is extremely nostalgic of old vintage America. So what were the best aspects of this vintage America that we so long for. In our opinion, the art of dog hunting, which is the art of duck hunting and receiving the help of a dog to fetch the recently shot duck, we love the art of canoeing, the calmness and slowness of canoeing is extremely romantic to us. It lets you appreciate and reflect on life. The art of vintage snowshoeing. While civilization evolved, the yearning to explore the snow mountains grew increasingly, but we as humankind needed a way to traverse the deep heavy snow. The snowshoe was invented, a large spread out net connected by a large frame to disperse your weight was the perfect device to traverse the snowy mountains in the dawn of modern exploration. We also love the beautiful art of hunting. The sole act in which we hunt our own food, are able to field dress it and provide for our families is a feeling that you cannot describe unless you do it yourself. Hunting gives you an appreciation for the land that you are standing on and for the animal that allows you to provide for others. In honor of all these undertakings we decided to make a design for them. We call it the ON THE RANGE design. Featuring all of these awesome undertakings we can have here as the human experience. A perfect mix of grit and glamour.