Here at Free Range Co. We recently set out to create something else other than tees, hats,or shirts. We were thinking about what to make. Stickers? No, we didn’t really like that idea right now. Enamel pins? What are we, Boy Scouts? No, so that was out of the question. After a long search and days of thinking what we can possibly create for you guys we got it. Vintage inspired Safety matches. 
    At Free Range we have one of our pillars that we always try to make vintage inspired gear. We take inspiration from 60s, 70s and even 80s western style. We eat that shit up over here. After seeing many old westerns and going through a bunch of inspiration boards we decided on a name and on a design. COWHAND MATCHES. Entrepreneurs at heart we always try to make little made up side brands from whatever we make that be it graphic designs and so forth. In this case it was COWHAND, it simply doesn’t exist, but it does exist in the little confines of the Free Range family.
    We intended for our matches to be your trusty companion besides our gear. They were designed small enough that you can stash them in your pocket for immediate use. But in such a small booklet we were able to fit thirty perfectly placed matches for your campfires, your cigarettes, or really anything that requires a burning flame. Hopefully you and your team never run cold due to no fire. You’ll be ready with the Cowhand company matches. 
    So, all this information begs the next question. How much are they? How much are we charging for the coveted COWHAND matches? 
They are Free.